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machined rip-rap slope protection notes d in rare cases when a steep (greater than 3:1) fill slope is unavoidable within the safety approach zone, a barrier will 5 where the median is 60 feet or less, the slope protection shall extend as shown in the plan view above. "s" dumped rip-rap details

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Design Standards No. 13 Embankment Dams Chapter 7: Riprap Slope Protection Phase 4 (Final

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Sufficient rock must be placed at the base of the rip-rap for toe protection. Excavated toe material must be removed from the lakebed and placed in a non-wetland area. Hiring help Rip-rap installation. The price of rip-rap placement depends on local contractors, distance to the nearest rock source and access to the project site.

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replaces the Soil Conservation Service's Minnesota Technical Release No. 2, Slope Protection for Dams and Lakeshores, dated April 1988, which itself replaced a 1976 document with a similar name. A demonstration project in Itasca and Aitkin Counties in northern Minnesota installed protection on lakeshore sites beginning in 1988.


1 machined rip-rap for slope protection shall be two (2) inches to six (6) inches in size, uniformly graded and according to the following sketch and formulas. compensate for variable grades, solve for "d" roadway approaching the hazard (bridge pier). to note: the sketch below assumes a 0.0 % grade on the subgrade protection


ITEM NO. 591S - RIPRAP FOR SLOPE PROTECTION 12-31-13 . 591S.1 - Description. This item shall govern the excavation of all materials encountered for placing riprap, disposal of excess material and backfilling around the completed riprap to the grade indicated on the Drawings.


Riprap Slope Protection Detail. The toe should be excavated to a depth of 2.0 feet. The design thickness of the riprap should extend a minimum of 3 feet horizontally from the slope. The finished slope should be free of pockets of small stone or clusters of large stones. Hand

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• Concrete slope protection; and • Biotechnical applications (vegetative plantings and hybrid revetements). Rock riprap is the preferred material for protecting highway infrastructure features in and adjacent to CDOT facilities. Rock riprap, matrix riprap, and …

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Feb 11, 2018· Caltrans New Riprap Classes. February 11, 2018. March 19, 2018. second 0. Source: Caltran Highway Design Manual, Chapter 870. These supersede the previous Caltrans Riprap Sizes. Caltrans requires the use of these new RSP gradations starting August 1st, 2016 in new projects and those not yet at 30 percent PS&E stage.

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slope protection for the areas shown on the drawings or as directed by the City Engineer in accordance with these specifications and applicable drawings. All work shall conform to Section 72 of the State Standard Specification. 4.02 MATERIAL Cobbles used for rip-rap shall conform to the following requirements. The rip-rap shall be well graded ...

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TR-210-69- Riprap for Slope Protection Against Wave Action (2/1983) TR-210-70- Hydraulic Proportioning of Two-Way Covered Baffle Inlet Riser (9/1983) TR-210-74- Lateral Earth Pressures (7/1989) TR-210-75- Reservoir Storage Volume Planning (7/1991) TR-210-78- The Characterization of Rock for Hydraulic Erodibility (6/1991)

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Citation: FEMA-1628-DR-CA, City of Oakland, Project Worksheet 2550, Riprap Slope Protection Cross-reference: Pre-Disaster Conditions, Slope Stabilization, Eligible Work, Work Eligibility Summary: Winter Storms in 2005/2006 caused flooding, landslides, and mudslides in California. FEMA prepared PW 2550 for the City of Oakland (City) on April 13, 2006, with a scope of work that included ...

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Regular inspection and monitoring of upstream slope protection is essential to detect any problems. It is important to keep written records of the location and extent of any erosion, undermining, or deterioration of the riprap, wave berm or other slope protection. Photographs provide invaluable records of changing conditions.

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ROCK SLOPE PROTECTION DESIGN Practitioner's Guide and Field Evaluations of Riprap Methods Final Report No. FHWA-CA-TL-95-10 Caltrans Study No. F90TL03 Third Edition - Internet October 2000 Prepared in Cooperation with the US Department of Transportation

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Riprap From Massachusetts Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines for Urban and Suburban Areas Definition A permanent, erosion-resistant ground cover of large, loose, angular stone. Purpose. To protect slopes, streambanks, channels, or areas subject to erosion by wave action.

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May 12, 2021· Grouted riprap, slope blocks or paved slopes are best suited to areas not subject to wash action, but perhaps subject to vandalism such as stone rolling, etc. Heavy riprap is commonly used below spillways and outlet headwalls as energy dissipating structures where high velocity turbulent flow is reduced to non-eroding velocities to prevent ...


Concrete Slope Protection Rigid 15.4.6 HEC 11 Biotechnical Engineering (Vegetative plantings) Flexible 15.4.7 HEC 23 * HEC 23, Design Guideline (DG) Figure 15.4-A ⎯ SELECTION OF REVETMENT TYPE 15.4.1 Rock and Rubble Riprap Riprap is a layer or facing of rock, which is …

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Rip Rap Outlet Protection 1. Rip Rap Outlet Protection 2. Rip Rap Outlet Protection 3. Riprap Streambank Protection Details. Rip Rap Channel Stabilization Details. Riser Base Detail Sediment Basin. Riser Pipe Dewatering Device. Rock Dam. Sediment Basin Details. Sediment Dike. Segmented Retaining Wall. Serrated Cut Slope Section. Silt Fence ...

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slope protection for the areas shown on the drawings or as directed by the City Engineer in accordance with these specifications and applicable drawings. All work shall conform to Section 72 of the State Standard Specification. 4.02 MATERIAL Cobbles used for rip-rap shall conform to the following requirements. The rip-rap shall be well graded ...

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VEGETATED RIPRAP 1. CATEGORY 2.0 – Bank Armor and Protection 2. DESIGN STATUS Level I 3. ALSO KNOWN AS Vegetated Rock Revetment, Vegetated Rock Slope Protection (VRSP), Face Planting, Joint Planting 4. DESCRIPTION Vegetative riprap combines the widely-accepted, resistive, and continuous rock revetment techniques with vegetative techniques.

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Stone protection rip rap: Stone rip rap is better suited for more flexible protection because it adapts to the shape and natural distortion of the soil. Stone rip rap is a series of interlocked stones, so workers do not need any special equipment for installation. Rip rap …

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Riprap is most often used in streambanks, on slopes, and at outlets. Relationship With Other BMPs Riprap is often used in making Stabilized Outlets, in Streambank Stabilization (including bioengi-neering techniques), and Slope/Shoreline Protection. Filters should be used underneath riprap to RIP-1 Updated September, 1997

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Mar 03, 2018· 72-4 SMALL-ROCK SLOPE PROTECTION. 72-4.02 MATERIALS. Rock must be cobble, gravel, crushed gravel, crushed rock, or any combination of these. If the rock layer is shown as 7 inches thick, comply with grading shown in the following table:

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Mar 17, 2008· March 17, 2008 Paul Jacks Governor s Authorized Representative Governor s Office of Emergency Services Response and Recovery Division 3650 Schriever Avenue Mather, CA 95655 Re: Second Appeal City of Oakland, PA ID 001-53000-00, Riprap Slope Protection, FEMA-1628-DR-CA, Project Worksheet (PW) 2550 Dear Mr. Jacks: This letter is in response to the referenced second …


the riprap and geotextile materials shall be paid for under the item riprap stone slope protection, ___" thick, (d50 = ___"). end treatment for channel protection class b concrete 2 1 varies varies thick (typ.) 6" 12" cut-off wall, 6" thick cd-603-1.3 concrete slope gutter, 6" thick 146 hma pavement shall be the same as the surface course. if ...


riprap is further subdivided by placement method into placed riprap, hand-placed riprap, and plated riprap. Placed riprap is graded stone put on a prepared slope in such a manner that segregation will not take place. Placed riprap forms a layer of loose stone; individual stones can independently adjust to shifts in or movement of the base material.

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riprap slope protection placements in critical structure zones subject to severe wave action and environmental exposure conditions 4. Significance and Use 4.1 Slope Protection.-This practice provides recommendations for investigation, sampling, and quality evaluation testing of riprap rock fragments for use as slope protection.